Auto Excel
Mike Barrett - Auto Excel

Easy to work with and great ROI for your company and wonderful service to create brand loyalty with your customer It is a great marketing tool and I will always have it in my marketing plan My recent numbers was 183 Pieces,40 invoices, average invoice $77278 equaling $3091105 in revenue

Protech Autocare
Ty Miller - Protech Autocare

We have been in business since 1997 We learned early on that marketing to our current customer base was a very effective form of marketing and have tried several different methods When we learned about the Rebate Check Program, we were excited to give it a try Our first round of rebate checks was mailed to 698 current customers with a response rate of

Service Plus Automotive
Jennifer Hulbert - Service Plus Automotive

I have been using Tommy’s Rebate Check Program for 3 years Each mailing has received increasing results from my customers My most recent mailing had an 8% response rate, which is the best of any of my annual pieces I have had several customers remark on how unique it is because it looks like a real check so they opened it right away I

JR Mayes - Autoplex

One of the best customer retention pieces in the industry Rebates Checks really helps lock in customers to keep coming back creating the customer loyalty that we all need in today’s market place We have had very high return rates and ROI using this program I would recommend Rebate Checks to anybody looking to build long term customers to their business model

West Side Auto Pros
Ron Haugen - West Side Auto Pros

Rebate Checks are so easy to use, just send your list and the rest is done for you They are one of the top two customer retention campaigns we use Creative and unique gets them opened We see response generating tens of thousands of dollars in revenue EVERY time we run the campaign