What are Rebate Checks?

Rebate Checks is a customer loyalty mailing program that is based on the volume of purchasing a customer makes during a specified period of time.

How does the Rebate Checks program work?

Once a customer list is supplied to us from a particular type of business, we help design and develop a volume of individually custom priced mailing pieces helping to drive repeat business back through the doors.

Who runs the Rebate Checks program?

The program has been developed by a long time entrepreneur using it in his own business since 2005 with highly successful results.

Why should I use Rebate Checks as my customer loyalty program?

The Rebate Checks direct mailing pieces are focused on bringing back customers through an already patronized business. This process turns a onetime customer into a loyal and repetitive long time customer.

Can I change the text, font, and colors of my Rebate Checks?

We can make any and all adjustments and alterations for your needs. We also offer custom designed solutions branding your checks to your business colors, trade dress, and style.

How is the Rebate Checks amount calculated?

We help you to devise the proper minimum and maximum values to be used in your Rebate Checks. Them this algorithm is applied to the volume of sales for any specified period of time you desire. Annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or even monthly.

Can you automatically extract my list?

We do currently offer certain automated extraction processes. Contact our offices to see if we can offer one specific to your business. 


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