Why Choose Rebate Checks as Your Customer Loyalty System?

Letter-sized direct mail targeted to an in-house mailing list has an average response rate of 3.40%

*DMA Response Rate 2012 Report

With our direct mail campaign we have results ranging from 10% up to 29%. Why would you settle for 3.4 customers out of 100 mailed returning, when you could get 10 or even 29 out of every 100?

We primarily focus on the main factors that influence outstanding response rates. Here is where we begin:

Targeting is a best practice and a number one factor that drives high response rates. Correctly done, will increase response and reduces investment.

Offer is the second most crucial area impacting your response rate. The Price to value is a key driver in rational decision making. It includes pricing, incentives and promotions. This should be clearly incorporated into the message so you can demonstrate clear savings.

Message must contain the right amount of information to drive an immediate reaction. By personalizing the message, you can boost your direct mail response rates. Your message must be designed to match your target audience and deliver the right reason to drive them to action.

Creative pieces can instantly grab your customers attention to help increase engagement and improve response rates.

We complete this in four simple stages. Again, why settle for average results. 3.40% just is not good enough, when there is a cost effective campaign that will bring in 10% to 29%.

Give us a call to help you bring in your best customers by rewarding them for spending with you.

Reward your customers for their repeated business.

All it takes is four simple steps:


Turn one time customers into repeat customers.

We have been in business since 1997. We learned early on that marketing to our current customer base was a very effective form of marketing and have tried several different methods. When we learned about the Rebate Check Program, we were excited to give it a try. Our first round of rebate checks was mailed to 698 current customers with a response rate of 24%.

~ Ty Miller – Protech Auto