Protech Autocare

We have been in business since 1997. We learned early on that marketing to our current customer base was a very effective form of marketing and have tried several different methods. When we learned about the Rebate Check Program, we were excited to give it a try. Our first round of rebate checks was mailed to 698 current customers with a response rate of 24%. The rebate Checks generated $34,260.00 in revenue! It far exceeded our expectations and by far outperformed other methods in which we have tried. Our second round of Rebate Checks was mailed to 742 customers with a 27% response rate. This campaign grossed $38,657.00 in revenue. Very consistent results! In 2014, we used this program twice. With these great results, we plan to launch this a minimum of 4 times annually. THANK YOU for this great program!